Hotel Urban 4.5

Huertas, Madrid, Community of Madrid
The capital of Spain is a vibrant, multicultural city located right in the center of the country — and it doesn't skimp on luxury. Madrid is a city known for its world-class museums, beautiful architecture, hopping nightlife, and lively local bars known as "tascas." Surrounded by such extravagant and captivating sights and sounds, Madrid's luxury hotels have to bring a lot to the table just to be competitive. Private decks, in-room saunas, and high design are just some of the features they showcase. So pack your bags — and your finery — you're going to have to visit these luxe suites the next time you're in Madrid. First up is the Suite Loft at the Hotel Urban. A luxurious hotel with a long list of features, the Hotel Urban has a rooftop pool, fitness center, two swanky restaurants, and even a museum of ancient antiques all on-site. The bi-level Suite Loft is a testament to the hotel's high design and masculine interiors.

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