6 Awesome Travel Podcasts to Keep You Occupied Anytime, Anywhere

Long flights, airport delays, pre-trip inspiration, post-trip withdrawal, long layovers, morning commute fodder -- whatever your motive may be, travel podcasts can make the ultimate plus-one anytime, anywhere. From staying up-to-date on travel news and discovering what to do and see in a particular destination to traveling by proxy with those who are doing it full-time, here are six stellar podcasts worth a listen.

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1. Zero to Travel

After 15 years of wandering the planet -- and cutting his teeth as a music and events tour manager as well as an adventure travel tour guide -- Jason Moore picked up a thing or two about the best way to travel the world. Lucky for us, he's chosen to share the wealth during a free podcast. Seeking strategic wallet-friendly ways to travel? Check. Love hearing about folks who ditched their 9-to-5 to see the world? You’re in luck. Interested in international volunteering or traveling for work? Done and done. Whether you’re new to the jet-setting game or a seasoned globe-trotter, Moore will have you engaged during even the longest (and most boring) of layovers.

2. Extra Pack of Peanuts

If the cheeky name of this podcast doesn’t hook you, the content, which focuses on traveling more and spending less (yes, really), surely will. Listen close as Travis Sherry and his wife and co-host, Heather, discuss things like making the most of your frequent flier miles, packing light, traveling on a tight budget, destination guides, and more. Travel experts themselves (the duo left everything behind to explore the world), Travis and Heather will ignite just enough wanderlust to have you booking your next adventure.

3. Power Trip

When you need a break from the back-to-back in-flight movies, tune in to this weekly podcast. Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Michael Cohen, the founders of Tortuga Backpacks, veer the conversation to the crossover between travel and entrepreneurship. In other words, you’ll hear the tales behind your favorite travel products, peppered in with crucial information about travel news, carry-on regulations, international data plans, and tips for staying in shape while on the road.

4. Indie Travel Podcast

Ever fantasize about traveling full-time? Live vicariously through Craig and Linda Martin, who have been making that dream a reality since 2006. With a decade of jet-setting experience in the books, the pair not only shares their first-hand travel experience on their podcast, but also throws in tips, tricks, and loads of interviews with other experts on how to learn a language while abroad, what to do and see in a particular destination, and how to save money while on-the-go.

5. Amateur Traveler

The title says it all. Chris Christensen, who kicked off his podcast back in 2005, has been helping new travelers decide which destination to cross off their bucket list next. How? He features interviews with fascinating personalities (expats, experts, and more), who spill the beans on their own experiences in various destinations, from Cuba to Croatia. Each week you’ll leave with a new arsenal of travel trivia, like what to put on your Chicago hot dog to where to go swimming with the whales in Tonga.

6. The Bowery Boys

Just when you thought your love for New York couldn't get any bigger, The Bowery Boys are here to prove you wrong. Greg Young and Tom Meyers, the two dudes behind this NYC-centric podcast, have called the Big Apple home for two decades. Having been around the block for a while, the duo goes beyond the typical touristy hangouts when discussing the city's history. Topics include the great hoaxes of old New York, the first subway, and a culinary tour through the Lower East Side.

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